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3030-161 Robertshaw/Uni-Line Replacement Cold Control

3030-161 Robertshaw/Uni-Line Replacement Cold Control
3030-161 Robertshaw/Uni-Line Replacement Cold Control

The NO-FUSS direct replacement 3030-100 series of cold controls are made by Robertshaw, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cold controls. They are designed as exact replacements for the original O.E.M. controls. With the same temperature specifications, dial shaft, capillary length, and mounting as the original control, there is no guesswork - just simple installation. The NO-FUSS direct replacements are the largest selection of direct replacement cold controls available today . . . from one source - Robertshaw. Robertshaw's 3030-300 Series Uni-Kits are designed for quick and accurate replacement of over 500 OEM cold controls with just 30 controls. The 3030-300 Series covers controls used in both refrigeration and freezers and, with a minimum of parts, offers easy, simple and sure replacements. K300 Series Short Kuts™ are Ranco K controls that are the perfect alternative to direct and adaptable replacement controls. Each package contains a control, a couple of brackets, and a driver or two. You can snap it together in less than a minute. Each Short Kuts covers an array of OEM part numbers.

  • Agency Approvals: UL listed, file E94419, Guide XAPX & CSA certified, file LR68340. class 4813 02.
  • Remote temperature sensing: The ETC is capable of remote temperature sensing up to 400 feet away from the control when using standard 22 gauge sensor wire.
  • Optional analog output: ETC models are available with a 0 to 10 volt analog output that can be used for remote temperature indication or as input to a central monitoring system. This signal is a linear representation of the sensor temperature with 0 volt –30°F and 10 volts = 220°F.

  • Specification:
    ♦O.E.M. Part No.: 5308000068
    ♦Temp (°F) N.I.: 39
    ♦Temp (°F) N.O.: 33
    ♦Capillary Length: 9"
    ♦Comments: Frigidaire: Includes Franklin, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Philco and Westinghouse

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