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Tjernlund SS1 Sideshot Power Venter Side Shot


The Sideshot 1 Is Intended For Use With Natural Draft Oil And Gas Heating Equipment. It Automatically Vents The Flue Gases From Heating Equipment To The Outdoors. Surrounding Combustible Surfaces And Exhaust Gases Are Kept At Safe Temperatures By Pulling Outdoor Air Into Its Casing And Mixing It With The Flue Gases During Operation. After Each Burner Cycle The Ss1 Will Continue To Operate For An Adjustable Period To Purge The Heater And Vent Of Residual Gases. The Ss1 Features A 3-Way Safety System Consisting Of The Uc1 Interlock Control, Fan Proving Switch And High Limit. These Devices Monitor The Ss1 Performance And Will Disrupt The Burner If A Vent System Malfunction Is Detected. Includes Uc1 Universal Control

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